Eric Arnal Burtschy

Eric Arnal Burtschy

Deep are the woods

Dance / Light / Installation

Eric Arnal-Burtschy followed a course in history, philosophy and geopolitics before moving to the performing and visual arts. His work addresses as a questioning of the human as more abstract perspectives related to research on space and movement. He created with Lyllie Rouvière Bouncing Universe in a Bulk, a diptych about infinity and emptiness created, before to present Ciguë with Clara Furey, a solo on freedom and loneliness.

Willing to explore another form of relationship to the world and still interested in diplomatic and strategic issues, he is at the same time a specialist reserve staff officer in the French Army, post for which he is trained at the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr and at the War College of Paris.

He is currently working on Deep are the Woods, a writing of the light, and We are the Wind, a questioning on what it means to be together through a research on the physics of the Universe. He also organizes Sweet and Wild, evenings of performances in Paris and Berlin.

Artist in residence at Théâtre de Vanves and L’L, a place dedicated to artistic research in Brussels.

Associate member of Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels until 2018.

Deep are the woods | En création

Deep Are The Woods suggests a connection to nature and the universe through the experience of a physical rapport with light. The movement of its rays gives substance to the emptiness, inhabiting it with an intangible presence. It is a cathedral without walls of which only the interior vibe was kept, an invitation to extend our perception of the world by way of the intangible.


Création — Éric Arnal Burtschy
Direction technique — Benoît Simon

Accompagnement artistique — L’L (Bruxelles)

Machinerie — Guillaume Troublé | Production — Sylvia Courty | Diffusion — Stéphanie Pysson.

Production — BC Pertendo.

Coproduction : ARCADI | L'L (Bruxelles) | Les Halles de Schaerbeek | Théâtre de Vanves | actOral (Marseille) & L'L fondation (Bruxelles)Avec le soutien de : NEMO – Biennale des arts numériques | FRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (Marseille) | Le 104, Paris | Le Merlan, scène nationale (Marseille) | Montévidéo – Créations contemporaines (Marseille) | CDC L’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (Paris) | Le château éphémère (Carrières-sous-Poissy) | Centre Culturel Wolubilis (Bruxelles).


Deep are the Woods

Sylvia Courty


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Stéphanie Pysson


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Festival actOral, FRAC PACA, Marseille, France

29 septembre au 2 octobre 2016

Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, Belgique

14 octobre au 5 novembre 2016

Festival Pharenheit, CCN du Havre, France

31 janvier au 4 février 2017

Artefact, STUK, Leuven, Belgique

24 février au 4 mars 2017

Stormopkomst, Belgique

19 et 20 mars 2017