Halles-Perrine Valli
Halles-Perrine Valli
Halles-Perrine Valli

Perrine Valli

L’Un à queue fouetteuse


“L’Un à queue fouetteuse, eponymous title of the painting, will take the Vivian Girls, central characters in Darger's body of work, as a starting point. These sisters, often naked and endowed with a penis, move about in an edenic natural setting before the advent of original sin. Cloned from comic strip heroines, these hermaphroditic elves become the leaders of a resistance movement against the male figures that pursue them and massacre them. Scenes somewhere between dreams and nightmares bring to mind a sort of Iliade or a fetichistic pop Mahabharata whose The Massacre of the Innocents is a leitmotiv. Darger combines the fairy-tale absurdity of Lewis Carroll with the obsessional perversion of the Marquis de Sade.” Libération

On stage «L’Un à queue fouetteuse» will evoke the obscure forces that threaten bodies today. In so doing the piece will question diktats and will cast a critical eye on our era because “our society is not safe, obscurantism has returned, but this time we are dealing with people who lay claim to reason. In the face of this, we cannot keep quiet.” Bourdieu

This piece will speak about obscurantism. «L’Un à queue fouetteuse» expresses an inner quality, that of bodies receptive to disturbances that pass through them. On a dramaturgical level, this piece will endeavour to put “the spirit of the times” on stage.

On stage the dancers will evoke imprisoned bodies. Prisoners of diktats and prisoners of themselves. In the image of a dangerous political climate, of a wave of obscurantism infiltrating our era, the dance will reveal bodily states caught in atmospheric upheaval, they will be forced to suffer the heaviness of a thunderstorm, the resistance of the wind, the tensing up caused by the cold. In so doing the piece will question the threats that weigh on bodies today because “we are not free, the sky can still fall on our heads and the theatre has been created to teach us that first of all”. Antonin Artaud

Conception et chorégraphie : Perrine Valli

Interprétation : Arnaud Bacharach, Fabio Bergamaschi, Marthe Krummenacher, Manon Parent, Corina Pia, Evita Pitara, Rémi Richaud, Rudi van der Merwe.

Création sonore : Eric Linder/ Polar.

Création lumière : Laurent Schaer.

Coproduction : ADC Genève, Tanzhaus Zürich
Avec le soutien de : Ville de Genève, La Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia — Fondation suisse pour la culture, SSA Bourse chorégraphique, Fondation Emilie Gourd, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Pour-Cent culturel Migros, la Fondation suisse pour les artistes interprètes.
Perrine Valli est artiste associée au Dôme Théâtre, Scène conventionnée pour la danse pour les saisons 17/18 et 18/19.