Halles-Louise Vanneste

Louise Vanneste



At the back of the stage stands a wall with a frame of intense, indirect light. A dancer moves in the black space, in the reflection of the light frame. The choreography shows everything yet nothing, an infinite space in the finiteness. From her inner energy the performer slowly begins interacting with the external surroundings.

In HOME, Louise Vanneste creates a unique atmosphere, physical and tangible. The performance does not represent a narrative evolution, but a pure expression, a complete sensory experience, stripped of all psychology. The body of the dancer evolves with the light, the music and the space. Louise Vanneste brings her body closer to cosmic forces and a vital energy, bereft of a human social context. HOME shows a form of dehumanizing, a loss of reference, an unknown other dimension, a bare attempt to show the foundations of being.

Chorégraphie, Danse : Louise Vanneste.

Installation : Arnaud Gerniers | Création lumière : Arnaud Gerniers, Benjamin Van Thiel | Musique : Cédric Dambrain | Regard extérieur : Eveline Van Bauwel.

Production : Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses | coproduction : Danscentrumjette.

Avec le soutien du VGC – Ministère de la Communauté Flamande et de la SACD.

Résidence : Les Brigittines.

Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses est en résidence à Charleroi-danses, artiste partenaire des Halles de Schaerbeek et accompagnée par Grand Studio.