Le poivre rose

Le poivre rose


In this show, which is designed to be in-camera, five people on the edge of oblivion are about to take the risk of confronting their individual stories with the Other, the mirror.

Like the sum of the memories of which we are formed, the staging is based on the logic of hoarding. Old clothes, bulging trunks, filled with hints of a vague, shadowy past. Suitcases that could fall apart, like our fading memories, or grow into walls, to create an acrobatic playground.

This performance portrays the transition between being and forgetting. In its 2nd creation, Poivre Rose tackles the wanderings of the memory and, inspired by the work of Christian Boltanski, highlights them by moving from the pole to the trapeze by way of the Korean cradle and corde lisse.

Faithful to the language suggested to it, Poivre Rose explores the topic with humour, finesse and a shifting viewpoint.