Halles-Gaia Saitta & Giorgio Barberio Corsetti
Halles-Gaia Saitta & Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

Gaia Saitta & Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

Mi sa che fuori è primavera


It’s Irina’s birthday. She has decided to celebrate her birthday with you in an attempt to collect the pieces of her shattered life. In January 2011, her ex-husband kidnapped their twin daughters before taking his own life. He didn’t leave any clue so as to what happened to the girls, who, to this date, are still missing. In this solo piece, Gaia Saitta tells, in collaboration with the audience, the true story of a woman who went through an immense trauma but who somehow managed to find happiness again.

“One of this year’s most interesting work.” Christian Jade.

Projet et Mise en scène: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti et Gaia Saitta.

Texte: Concita de Gregorio | Adaptation théâtrale et Jeu: Gaia Saitta.

Espace Scénique: Giuliana Rienzi | Vidéo: Igor Renzetti | Son: Tom Daniels | Lumières: Marco Giusti.

Costumes: Frédérick Denis

Production : Les Halles de Schaerbeek. Coproduction : If Human (Bruxelles), Le Manège – scène nationale de Maubeuge.