Halles-Kettly Noël & Oumaïma Manaï
Halles-Kettly Noël & Oumaïma Manaï

Kettly Noël & Oumaïma Manaï

Ti Chélbé


The direction set out by Ti Chèlbe and transmitted to these two young dancers - one Tunisian and the other from Mali - remains unchanged in this reprise of the piece. But a new spirit infuses it.

The duo takes a reading of a relation of power, between a man and a woman, and even between two generations of dancers. At first alone, lost and confused, with her dress and brassiere worn over a dark pair of pants, a woman strides across the empty stage surrounded with palisades of corrugated metal. It is a dance with sharply delineated edges, with her arms spinning and cutting through space, a vagabond’s stroll which is interrupted by the man bursting in and dancing until the moment of their meeting -- between two caesuras, two pauses, two ruptures.

At first they form a duo without contact, they dance together but not actually with each other; then they begin a pas de deux, a loving pavane, whose energetic leaps and bounds and whose violent gestures underscore the severity of the rapport. It is a composition that draws to a crescendo that ties it together: it ends in a draw.

Chorégraphe : Kettly Noël | Interprètes : Oumaïma Manaï,
Ibrahima camara.

Directeur technique : Samuel Dosière.

La re-création de cette pièce a bénéficié d’un soutien de
Danse l’Afrique Danse! , de l’institut français en partenariat avec la Fondation total.