Halles-Judith Olivia Manantenasoa
Halles-Judith Olivia Manantenasoa
Halles-Judith Olivia Manantenasoa

Judith Olivia Manantenasoa


Judith addresses the process of mutation through a succession of various phases, from a stoic minimalism to a sort of wild and uncontrollable madness. An imperceptible interior movement slowly becomes an extended cry.

This is a solo about transformation through the interaction with one’s environment that carries with it a psychological impact. The daily object is transposed into an ele-ment of vice, which even veers towards a kind of sadistic game as a source of stability. In a word, it is a woman’s discourse on her practically monotonous daily, her inexplicable power, her resilience despite the various instabilities around her, her fragility, her hesitations, her fears, her dreams.

Chorégraphe et interprète : Judith Olivia Manantenasoa.

Avec le soutien de : l’Institut français de Madagascar, le Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix direction Olivier Dubois, la compagnie Rary de Madagascar, la compagnie Lovatiana de Madagascar, la compagnie Aléa des possibles
de Madagascar, l’école de cirque à Madagascar.
Cette création a bénéficié d’une résidence Danse l’Afrique danse! de l’Institut français en partenariat avec la Fondation TOTAL.