Halles-Focus danse Afrique #2

Focus danse Afrique #2

Olivier Dubois, Germaine Acogny & Oumaïma Manaï

This season, there will be three moments dedicated to African contemporary dance. Each evening will consist of a double bill: a show presented by an important figure of the African contemporise dance scene, and another one by an emerging artist. Female empowerment is one of our themes this season, so it will be an all-female programme.

The second night will feature two pieces on revolt and liberation. Germaine Acogny is one of the 4 or 5 key figures in contemporary African dance, she is a legend. Olivier Dubois choreographed her in a solo (Mon élue noire) that reflects her out-of-this-world personality. For the second show, you will discover another side of Oumaïma Manaï’s work: while in February, we saw her in the role of the performer in TiChèlbè, this time she will present and perorm her own work: an intense and poetic solo.