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Les résidents


Richard DeDomenici (UK)

Broke Briton


tu 23.04 — 20:00

we 24.04 — 18:00

th 25.04 —

fr 26.04 — 22:30

sa 27.04 — 14:00

Claudia Bosse (AT)

Galerie Royale Centrale - Rewriting History


tu 23.04 — 17:00

we 24.04 — 12:00

th 25.04 — 12:00

fr 26.04 — 12:00

sa 27.04 — 12:00

Galerie Royale Centrale - Rewriting History is a temporary installation at Galerie d'Ixelles, Brussels.

The basic material for the performative installation is created on site with shop-holders and everyday space users by producing interviews and collecting personal documents of their lives.

The presented material will be correlated with the collection of the Royal Museum of Africa (Tervuren). This is done through a process of re-writing the stories of citizenship and migration connected to the space of the gallery and confronting them with Museum documents of colonial history in this particular space. The culture of daily life and organisation in the gallery is re-read through the concept of the Museum's first royal exhibition in 1897 which was organised by king Leopold II with the purpose of finding investors to exploit the new colonial destination.

A gallery of narratives, collected materials, thoughts, memories, everyday life and culture, history and concrete presence will come together through this live installation and temporary intervention in public space.

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A collaboration between the Royal Museum of Africa (Tervuren), Festival Trouble 2013 and Cifas (suite...).

This work will be developed by Claudia Bosse during a workshop at Cifas (suite...) with the participants, people in and around Galerie d'Ixelles and the experts of the Museum of Africa.

Dates of the workshop: 10-23 April 2013

Public installation: 23-27 April 2013

Claudia Bosse (DE/AT) is a theatre director, artist and artistic director of Theatercombinat, a transdisciplinary company she co-founded in 1996 in Berlin now based in Vienna. She studied theatre directing at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst ernst Busch Berlin. Today, she works in the artistic field between choreography, experimental (sometimes) choral theatre, installation and urban intervention in a space-related practice aiming to produce political hybrids in unusual constellations for the public.

She works internationally developing projects for museums, theatres, the urban spaces and specific (non-art) architectures. She teaches, conducts lectures and research projects, collaborating with artists of different fields. After a 4 year-series producing tragedy, she is now creating a new theatrical series of political hybrids named "What has to be Done?", as well as a longer term research entitled "Some Democratic Fictions".

More project specific: www.theatercombinat.com and http://claudiabosse.blogspot.co.at/

Kom.post (FR/DE)

La Chambre des entames


tu 23.04 — 18:00

we 24.04 — 18:00

th 25.04 — 18:00

fr 26.04 — 18:00

sa 27.04 — 18:00

As part of their project called La Chambre des entames which takes place throughout the festival, kom.post - a research and creation group – would like you to take part in a writing correspondence that would start now – yes now – until the beginning of Trouble on Tuesday 23rd of April.

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Just before we “let the show begin!”; that space in time right before the show: that’s where kom.post will be lying in wait to turn your desires and assumptions into a moment of reflexion and sensation.

Radical_Hope (BE)

back-again / Une œuvre pour les passants


tu 23.04 — 18:00

we 24.04 — 18:00

th 25.04 — 18:00

fr 26.04 — 18:00

mo 27.05 — 18:00

18:00, 18:30, 19:15, Taverne l’Évasion
Installation à partir de 18:00 à la Maison des Arts

Three times daily, a different person enters the same café, spends precisely ten minutes there, and then heads on to the Maison des Arts. These individual performances are all part of the same cloud: a swarm of individuals.

Free entrance

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A work for passers-by

Back-again's are small choreographic slapstick-like scenario's, which repeatedly are acted out in the same way on the same spot by different actors, several times a day during one week: i.e. in a café, a laundry-salon or a shop. the back again's are being filmed and successively edited and montaged towards a many-layered one-man-act. The actors can be observed from close-by or through a window. After the act one can follow them towards a place in the direct neighborhood where the video-work they contributed to is being screened.

People participating on back-again's met each other through bureau annex.

Arising from an experiment in 2010, bureau annex is a developing practice for artists, concerned with the production of art in the ‘wilderness of urban milieus'. The interest is to create first an affinity between people 'foreign' to one another and then, as a consequence, work together. This affinity is not there from the outset but man-made by an artificial behaviour: 'hanging out' regularly next and with people and in places at first sight completely unacquainted, the artist becomes present in a reality which naturally wouldn't become familiar. Following up first contact conversations s/he proposes to produce independent art works irregularly and occasionally but continually. 


Mehdi-Georges Lalou (BE)


we 24.04 — 18:00

fr 26.04 — 18:00

sa 27.04 — 14:00

Devout with the Flesh (24.04 – 18:00)

Stupidité contrôlée à la pastèque et autres instruments (26.04 – 18:00)

Course en rond, en chaussures rouges à talons et sur sol de verres à thé (27.04 – 14:00)

Between conscious idiocy and bodily exhaustion, the Franco-Moroccan artist juggles with his identities; a right smack in the face for exotic clichés and religious fundamentalism.

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Mehdi-Georges Lahlou produces performances and installations that deal with humour both cultural identities and “gender”, to the point of dissolving the one in the others. And indeed, if gender is socially constructed, as opposed to biological sex, then it is caught in the cultural fabric in which it is built whatever it is.

Juggling from one community to another, from the ethnicity to the «gender», by its burlesque actions, Lahlou makes an undermined work.

He is engaged in a kind of typology of clichés associated with Arabian- Muslim world, and attacks it with knocks of red stiletto heels, during performances, which are all sports achievements supposed to challenge testosterone.

These high heel shoes are those of the topical figure of what the queer, the transsexual or the transvestite is. The «Arab head» of the photograph meets the vamp shoes: stigma + stigma = 0

Mehdi Lahlou-Georges tackles the definition of masculinity in the cultural sphere, and, he tests, somehow tirelessly, performance after performance, the shaking of this culture, here and there, by the deconstruction of the «genre», dreaming of a reconciliation of the «contraries».

Emilie Bouvard

Untitled Structure observing Jean-Biche

En attendant Preciado


tu 23.04 — 19:00

we 24.04 — 19:00

th 25.04 — 19:00

fr 26.04 — 19:00

En attendant Preciado est une performance solo de Jean-Biche sous l'œil de Untitled Structure. En écho avec la vision de Beatriz Preciado sur le corps performatif, et dans l’attente de la philosophe, retenue en Espagne jusqu’au samedi 27 avril, l'artiste propose au public de suivre le processus complet de ses transformations physiques, où le corps, initialement souverain, devient instrument culturel propice à la transgression. Durée +- 35 min.

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Jean-Biche est un animal curieux aux multiples talents. A la fois performeur, illustrateur, dj, travesti, styliste, maquilleur ou encore musicien, il est toujours à l'affût d'une caméra pour mieux lui mentir. En bonne bête de scène, il n'est jamais deux fois le même animal, car c'est encore avec les codes que l'artiste jongle le mieux. Fort de son expérience et de ses collaborations variées dans les milieux du théâtre, de la performance, de mode ou encore de danse contemporaine, l'artiste a su s'affranchir des conventions, pour faire de l'élégance du geste son seul et unique fil conducteur.

Untitled Structure est un atelier de création audio-visuelle bruxellois. Association de quatre parcours et talents singuliers, ils proposent une vision sensible en usant d'une structure polyvalente. De la création visuelle à la captation de live, de la production de vidéo au VJing, les Untitled Structure travaillent sur la place des nouveaux medias au sein des productions artistiques.

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