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04.10.19 20:00

Kabareh Cheikhats



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J > 15 : 14 / 9 €
J< 15 : 18 / 12 €
Friday 04 October 2019 20:00

The Cheikhats are icons of the traditional Moroccan culture. Cheikhats were popular entertainers who were singing their freedom proud and loud. They were the warriors of the resistance, the poets of the broken hearts. But their independence wasn’t always accepted, and their repertoire became old-fashioned. Today, a group of men – dressed in women’s clothes – are bringing them back to life. The members of this unique cabaret sing and dance like the originals Cheikhats and pay a vibrant homage to a great tradition. They will make you want to dance !

Distributions : Cheikha Warda lhaddaouia, Cheikha Houria l’awama, Cheikha gitana, Cheikha lancoun, Cheikha lbahja, Cheikha Qamar, Cheikha Lemta, Cheikha El Alia, Cheikha l3azba, lmaalam romeo zghayba, Jouk Attamthil Albidaoui (JAA) | Metteur en scène : Ghassan El Hakim | Photographes : Manon Aubel, Zakaria Kacha. Production : La Centrale Compagnie & Jouk Attamthil Albidaoui