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Gaia Saitta

Gaia Saitta | ©Valentina Summa

Born in 1978, she is an Italian artist based in Brussels. She received a Bachelor of Science in Communication at LUMSA University in Rome, and then graduated in 2003 from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art "S. D'Amico" in Rome as a perfomer. She is a theatre director, playwright and performer.

Her creative point of interest is in the study of vulnerability as both a poetic and cognitive space. She questions the delicate line between fiction and reality, always wondering how much fiction is needed to tell the truth. She puts the performer's body at the centre of her work as the main subject of her research, and this exploration exists within the context of a shifting language of performance modalities ​​(theatre / dance / video / installation) where  the role of audience is also provoked and interrogated.

She works in Italy with Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Luca Ronconi, Paolo Civati, Marcela

Serli. In France with Mikael Serre, Abou Lagraa and Anatoli Vassiliev. In Belgium she

collaborates with the company Ontroerend Goed and with Lisi Estaras from the company Les Ballets C de la B.

She is the co-founder of  IfHuman, a group of international artists based in Brussels. She

directed the staging of Fear and Desire, the first creation of the collective which was presented at Les Halles in October 2013 (2013 - IfHuman / Les Halles / Equilibrio Festival in Rome).

Among her theatrical creations as a director are: Ne Parlez Pas d'Amour, produced with composer Carlo Boccadoro (2014 - If Human / Unione Musicale / Torino Danza / Les Halles de Schaerbeek); Useless Movements (2015 - IfHuman / CC Westrand Dilbeek),

The space between you and me (2017 - IfHuman / Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Hong Kong Art Center).

In 2016, with Benedetto Sicca, Giuliana Rienzi and Marco Giusti, she wrote LEAVES,

a touring installation / performance, the first part of which was presented at Les Halles in

the framework of Habiter le temps d’un rêve.

Her latest project Je crois que dehors c'est le printemps, created in collaboration with

Giorgio Barberio Corsetti (2018 - IfHuman / Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Le Manège - scene

Nationale de Maubeuge), was presented in Paris last year at the Théâtre Monfort, and will will resume touring during the current 20/21 season at the Théâtre de Liège, at Théâtre National de Nice and at other venues.

Je crois que dehors c'est le printemps