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15 > 20.12.23 | 75’



Esac & Claudio Stellato


Friday 15 December 2023 20:00
Saturday 16 December 2023 20:00
Sunday 17 December 2023 15:00
Tuesday 19 December 2023 19:00
Wednesday 20 December 2023 19:00
« Je ne pense pas être fou en vrai. Mais la scène est l’endroit où je peux exprimer toutes les folies : c’est le plan d’expression où je lâche tout. Si jamais je ne peux plus faire de spectacles, je me demande où cette folie va sortir ». - Claudio Stellato

ESAC group projects:
During supervised group projects, students are confronted with directors, choreographers or circus artists, chosen for their artistic quality and their ability to guide them in a creative process. The aim of these situations is to expose students to original artistic languages that they can use to express their creativity, while remaining aware of the creative group as a whole. These projects give rise to public presentations and provide an insight into all the facets of a contemporary circus show. From writing to production, the student takes part in the design, construction and staging of the show, acting as a performer in a staged production.
This year, the 3rd year collective is directed by Claudio Stellato.

Description : 
A phrase as a basis for work: "I can be whatever I want, when I want".
The body and feelings are pushed further, in search of other circus languages. It's a project that aims to encourage artists to face up to the different techniques of expression in the world of performance.
You won't find any political or social message here, just an artistic vision of who we are in this delirium we call "life".

Mise en Scène : Claudio Stellato
Interprétation : Sarah Alessandria, Marylou Aupic, Ellen Barnard, Katell Boudrandi-Saj, Catarina Da Cunha Figueiredo, Emilia Dawiec, Marceau Ehrmann, Aapo Honkanen, Gaia Lorenza Ierace, Daniele Ippolito, Isabela Leles Amaral, Minna Marjamaki, Anne Marjamaki, Franco Pelizzari Del Valle, Gabriel Lorenzo Pereira De Souza Chagas & Catarina Vilas Boas Vieira Pinto.
Assistance à la mise en scène : Alessandro Travelli, Roberto Magro, Valentina Barone, Margot Janssens , Nicanor De Elia, Anne Catherine Jornot, Xavier Lavabre, Joan Catala, Ute Classen.
Construction scénographique : Camille Neumann
Création lumière : Hugo Oudin
Direction de production : Benoît Escarmelle
Direction technique : Jean-François Keller
Régie générale : Sarah Faucon
Photographies et teaser : Stanislav Dobak
Production : ESAC