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Another Way to Play


Tuesday 09 January 2024  
Wednesday 10 January 2024  
Thursday 11 January 2024  
Friday 12 January 2024  
Saturday 13 January 2024  

Turntabling is the musical practice of using turntables to create sounds and rhythms by manipulating vinyl records and CDJ. DJs and music producers use techniques such as scratching, backspinning and beat juggling to create complex and dynamic sound compositions.

For this unique event, the turntabling will be brought to you by the singular vision of our partner artist Soumaya Phéline. In the course of a series of events including meet-and-greets, musical performances and workshops, we’ll be offering you a 2.0 experience in the use of CDJ decks as a musical instrument and experimental exploration of the sounds of the future.

Save the dates for this fun live event that brings together improvisation and mastery of beatwork.