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Another Way to Play


Thursday 11 January 2024 20:00
Friday 12 January 2024 18:00
Friday 12 January 2024 20:30
Saturday 13 January 2024 14:00
Saturday 13 January 2024 15:30
Saturday 13 January 2024 18:00
Saturday 13 January 2024 19:30
Saturday 13 January 2024 22:00
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Soumaya Phéline, associate artist at Halles, is programming an innovative festival that focuses on turntablism with the commitment to show that turntables can be used as musical instruments and therefore turn the DJs fully into musicians. Another Way to Play is shining a light on the experimentation and playfulness of live musical composition. 

Turntablism, also known as the art of scratching, emerged from the roots of hip-hop in the 1970s to become an art form in its own right. The discipline transcends musical boundaries and today enjoys worldwide recognition within electronic culture. 

With this innovative practice, artists manipulate sounds on both traditional turntables and usb decks (CDJ). 

At the heart of turntablism is the DJ, who fully embraces the status of performer, selecting their tracks while physically manipulating the sounds with the turntables. 

Advanced scratching, beat-juggling and backspinning techniques have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with turntables, creating a dynamic, interactive and radical art form. 

In the electronic music scene, turntablism brings a physical and tactile dimension to the practice of DJing, which is often reduced to the binary broadcasting of music tracks. DJs and turntablists question the boundaries between interpretation and the creation of original musical works through free, organic improvisation of the tracks they play. 

With the advent of modern electronic music, turntablism has found fertile ground in which to develop. Genres such as hip-hop, breakbeat and drum and bass have all welcomed turntablism whether mixing vinyl or CDJ, creating a unique synergy between the heritage of hip-hop and electronic innovation. 

The diversification of tools used is testament to an electronic scene where the boundaries of musical exploration are constantly being pushed back. Whether using turntables, CDJs, tape recorders or other innovations, turntablism embraces a variety of media, underlining the idea that the art of DJing transcends technological limits. 

In this way, the constant evolution of turntablism practices reflects boundless creativity and an ongoing desire to explore new sonic territories. The DJ performer, much more than a simple selection of tracks, deserves to be recognised as an artist in their own right. Constantly on the lookout for new techniques, and using improvisation, the DJ sculpts the sound and creates an original musical narrative. The DJ's artistic contribution is significant, and plays a part in the constant exploration of sonic horizons. In this way, turntablism plays a central role in contemporary cultural and artistic dynamics.

jeudi 11.01 - 20:00   Performance/DJ set
20:15 - Soumaya Phéline (45')
21:30 - Shiva Feshareki & Nik Colk - Seismic Wave Orchestra (30')
22:00 - Shiva Feshareki solo - turntable set (30')
Grande Halle 
vendredi 12.01 - 18:00   talk "Another way to play: the practice of turntablism "
Shiva Feshareki, Maria Chavez, Mariam Rezaei, Victoria Shen, Soumaya Phéline
Moderation by: La Dame
vendredi 12.01 - 20:30   Evening live concerts w/
La Dame (15')
Trio Mariam Rezai/Maria Chavez/Victoria Shen (45')
Grande Halle 

samedi 13.01

14h00 > 15h30

15h30 > 17h00

  2 Workshops jeune public (àpd 10 ans)
Scratch tape ! by Alexis Malbert (alias tapetronic)

samedi 13.01

18h00 > 19h30

19h30 >21h00

  2 Workshops Tout public
Scratch tape ! by Alexis Malbert (alias tapetronic)
samedi 13.01 - 22:00 > 5:00   DJ Performance
Aidons Antoine + Weird Dust
La Dame
Lechuga Zafiro
Soumaya Pheline
Loto Retina