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8 & 9.02.24 | 90’

German Staatstheater

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16€ / 12€ / 8€
Thursday 08 February 2024 20:00 Tickets
Friday 09 February 2024 20:00 Tickets
« Bad ideas, ugly feelings and guilty pleasures are performed together. »

In GERMAN STAATSTHEATER (GST), twelve performers from diverse backgrounds take you on an energetic performative journey. Expressed in an incessant slapstick of over-tensed bodies, today’s society’s perpetual workload, with burnouts and stress-culture as a consequence, is portrayed here as a powerful search for what community and togetherness can still mean in an individualistic succes-based society. GERMAN STAATSTHEATER is a continuous tornado of panic turned into humour and self-deprecation, and ultimately shows the power of community. Theatre as a place to celebrate 'wasted' energy, in the form of exuberant fun.

Artistic coordinators: Rosie Sommers & Micha Goldberg
Performers: Rosie Sommers, Micha Goldberg, Loucka Elie Fiagan, Simon Baetens, Ariadna Lleo Rubio, Giulia Piana, Lydia Mcglinchey, Milka Mbunga Kongi, Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Simon van Schuylenbergh, Natacha Nicora Anna Franziska Jäger and Nathan Ooms
Dramaturgical advisor: Elisa Liepsch
Dramaturges: Nathan Ooms, Anna-Franziska Jäger
Light: Max Adams|Sound: Milan van Doren
Head technic: Vic van den Bossche
Distribution: Kunstenwerkplaats