Les Halles de Schaerbeek
— Brussels —

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30.09.23 | 20:00 | 60'


Fatima Ouassak, Casey, Laurène Marx, Bwanga Pilipili


Saturday 30 September 2023 20:00

Four different but committed performances, from philosophical stand-up to slam, from militant activism to poetry, fill the room with thoughts and emotions.


La nuit de l'amour opens with "C'est sale l'amour" by performer Laurène Marx, whose written and performed work deals with gender, normativity, the relationship with reality, neuro-atypia and anti-capitalism. Then there's French rapper Casey, who will respond with her own terribly sincere flow.

Next up is French academic Fatima Ouassak, whose short monologue 'J'ai 10 ans' is being performed for the first time in Belgium. It's about a child on his way to school. A tired child - he hasn't slept all night because of the fires in his neighbourhood. A child who is tired but full of hope.

Finally, Belgian actress and activist Bwanga Pilipili will close this exchange that we hope will be joyful, fiery and invigorating. For us, talking about love is a political and committed act.