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30.11 & 1.12.24 | 65' | ENG sur FR | De Kriekelaar

HP24 - Cavaliers Impurs

Antonia Baehr & Latifa Laâbissi

OFFSITE De Kriekelaar / Kaaitheater

Dates & Tickets

28€ / 24€ / 20€ / 18€ / 12€
Saturday 30 November 2024 20:30
De Kriekelaar / Kaaitheater
Sunday 01 December 2024 17:00
De Kriekelaar / Kaaitheater
!!! Performances at the Kriekelaar, Rue Gallait 78, 1030 Schaerbeek !!!

Riders of a joyful apocalypse, launched at full speed on their ethereal mounts, Laâbissi and Baehr set representations spinning and let themselves be possessed by a plethora of venerable, vexed or vulnerable personalities – in turn belly dancers, minimalist clubbers, cabaret hostesses, a Laurel and Hardy-style comedy duo, a guitar-less punk group, cowboy trainers – topographers of the body and anatomists of the impure… Gilles Almavi


Somewhere between an abstraction and a figurative representation, the duo Latifa Laâbissi and Antonia Baehr deconstruct the mechanisms that shape the dominant representations of art... amid a roar of laughter.

In a giant, unfolded cardboard box, the performers do a collage of turns that circulate in genres: cabaret, dance, song, covers, drag show, menopause dance and performance art let off the leash. From one turn to the next, the duo allow themselves to be possessed by a multitude of revered figures and personalities. This zapping between scenes has the advantage of efficiency. In just one hour, Cavaliers impurs captures the power and irreverence that unite these two dance personalities.

Conception and performance: Antonia Baehr & Latifa Laâbissi|Music and sound creation : Carola Caggiano|Visual installation : Nadia Lauro|Light creation : Eduardo Abdala|Vocal accompaniment : Dalila Khatir | Figures: Antonia Baehr, Latifa Laâbissi & Nadia Lauro |With the complicity of Yves-Noël Genod|Dramaturgical advisor: Bettina Knaup|Technical trainee: Esteban Capron |Production: Fanny Virelizier & Marie Cherfils (Figure Project) & Alexandra Wellensiek (make up productions) |Coproduction: Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin (DE) / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE) / Le TNB - Centre européen théâtral et chorégraphique, Rennes (FR) / Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie, as part of the "Accueil-studio" / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (FR) / Festival d'Automne, Paris (FR) / Fonds Transfabrik - Fond franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant (DE/FR) | With the support of the Ménagerie de Verre, Paris, as part of the Studiolab and the Theaterhaus Berlin.