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13 & 14.12.24 | La Raffinerie

HP24 - This is La Mort

Zoé Lakhnati

OFFSITE La Raffinerie -Charleroi Danse

Dates & Tickets

14€ / 12€ / 10€ / 8€ (student)
Friday 13 December 2024 20:30
La Raffinerie -Charleroi Danse
Saturday 14 December 2024 20:30
La Raffinerie -Charleroi Danse
!!! Performances at La Raffinerie, Rue de Manchester 21, 1080 Brussels !!!

“A dance for bodies that crumble, decompose, disintegrate and die eternally.” Zoé Lakhnati threw herself head first into researching representations of the dying body, from art history to pop culture. Drawing on this iconological material, she juxtaposed three maps of representations: that of dead and fragmented bodies; that of body-building, with its sexualised female silhouettes; and finally that of photos illustrating the invention of hysteria by Dr Charcot.

From these references, This is la Mort takes images of attacks – of the nerves, of anxiety, of epilepsy, of existentialism – and makes them dance, bringing to light a collective memory gathered from stories, characters and feelings. A spellbinding performance about the metamorphosis of the living body.

Choreography and performance: Zoé Lakhnati|Sound design: Macarena Bielski Lopez |Dramaturgy: Antoine Dupuy Larbre|Exterior view: Philomène Jander|Light design: Alice Panziera|Costume design: in progress