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17 & 18.02.20

Again The Sunset

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir



Monday 17 February 2020 20:00
Tuesday 18 February 2020 20:00

Between concert and performance, Again The Sunset speaks of a history of work and duration, physical and emotional. It is a rambling of thoughts in a night of insomnia, a limbo between the rational and the abstract. While strenuous work brings out a sense of necessity in the voice and body, the laborous events leave material traces. Natural elements are met with a sculptural and sonic approach and their qualities become a guide to understanding cycles of repetition, in history, nature, and intimate relationships. The brutality of a gesture becomes foundation for the start of intonation and harmonic fragility.

Again The Sunset is one voice but many. It multiplies its identity by what it touches. It effects and is affected. It creates a setting for tangeable materials to express their sonic potential in a realm which the voice can merge its song, speach and story...

« Sometimes I have a feeling that stones aren’t actually what they say they are …
Maybe they aren’t even hard…
Do you ever wonder if stones are actually soft but tense up when we touch them? »

Again The Sunset

Conception chorégraphique et interprète
Inga Huld Hákonardóttir

Composition musicale et interprète
Yann Leguay

Inga Hákonardóttir et Yann Leguay

Créateur lumière
Gregory Rivoux

Regard artistique
Gaëtan Rusquet

Stanislav Dobak

Lucille Calmel, Sandy Williams, Mette Edvardsen, Rósa Ómarsdóttir, Théophile Gay-Mazas, Aymeric de Tapol, Zakaria Almutlak, Clive Mitchell

Production executive

MDT Stockholm, KWP-Pianofabriek

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