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Agathe Yamina Meziani

Creation 2026 KABYLIFORNIE is an extension of my reflections during a trip to Algeria.
The impression of being trapped in several temporalities at once:
The memories of my father,
the stigma of the war of independence,
the present
and my projections.
I act out these entanglements on stage.

With childhood memories expressed like a lost Fellag, images from my computer in the continuity of my desktop performances (ik ben in de duinen verloren, 2018).

Agathe Yamina Meziani +32 472 05 43 73 | agamezia@gmail.com

Performeuse Agathe Yamina Meziani
Regard extérieur Antoine Defoort
Regard écriture Nina Vanspranghe
Dramaturgie Hanna El Fakir
Scénographie Ji Min Park
Création lumière Laurence Hallo