Les Halles de Schaerbeek — Brussels —

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An Ideal City

Public art and Dance

MicroDances and public art between Micro and Macro.

8 MicroDances comprise the center of a process of reenactment: a transposition of their original versions for young dancers and public spaces into an urban version that faithfully interprets the spirit and the characteristics of the three cities involved.

The result is a project that wanders creatively through entirely different contexts—historical centers, industrial and residual areas, and the city’s symbolic places—appropriating unusual stages and devising radically new ways to meet the public. The leitmotif running through these experiments in three cities is the question of how dance may be considered a form of life and relate to other contemporary art practices rooted in the territory.

The micro/macro relationship established in confronting the urban surroundings is the same as the one that compares the conceptual space of choreography the with living space, the same dialectic of I and the Other, all of which are activated here by the transmission of the choreography to the dancers in training who become the mediators of a new experience. The two-track gaze binding spectator↔work becomes a performer-spectator-urban landscape triangulation.

Reenactment, the new performance of the old, allows the real memory of the dancer today to interact with an author and another memory it has never lived itself but is now a part of the present just the same.