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Laboratoire Poison

Adeline Rosenstein

When members of a clandestine resistance group play a double game with the enemy, the enemy can then turn the situation to their advantage. Adeline Rosenstein went through the archives of many resistance groups to understand the facts, question the representations of the movements and attitudes of their members and our interpretation. With an unquestionable talent, Rosenstein gives us a master class in suspicion, manipulation, and treason. Theatre is a tool to uncover the truth, beyond censorship and its judgment.

[...] ces comédiens sont remarquables de précision et de présence: ce sont eux qui peuvent donner à ce laboratoire toute sa dimension théâtrale.Fabienne Darge, 27 mai 2021, Le Monde

Ce bonheur intellectuel et physique est communicatif. - Anaïs Heluin, 26 mai 2021, Scène et web