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26.01.25 | 50'


Luciano Berio & Sébastien Roux par Joris Lacoste & HYOID voices

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22€ / 20€ / 18€ / 10€ (student)
Sunday 26 January 2025 15:00 Tickets
Sunday 26 January 2025 17:30 Tickets

As part of a Big Berio Weekend curated by Bozar, Joris Lacoste presents the very first staging of the 8-voice version of A-Ronne composed by Luciano Berio in 1974-1975. Conceived as a sort of radio documentary and based on a poem by Edoardo Sanguineti, this piece mixes extracts from a host of other texts: translations of the Bible, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Goethe’s Faust, the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and even snippets of Roland Barthes.

Lacoste gives full rein to what Berio called a “theatre for the ears” in which the sentences, the words and the voices are the real characters of the piece. Each audience member will be provided with a wireless headset through which they will hear an electro-acoustic prologue composed by Sébastien Roux, followed by Berio’s piece performed by 8 singers from the Brussels-based ensemble HYOID.

Composers : Luciano Berio / Sébastien Roux |Artistic and stage director : Joris Lacost|Choreographer and assistant director : Claire Croizé |Musical director : Filip Rathé |Hyoid voices : Esther Rispens, Naomi Beeldens, Ellen Wils, Fabienne Seveillac, Andreas Halling, Eymeric Mosca, Arnout Lems, Pascal Zurek |Lights and scenography : Florian Leduc |Artistic co-conception : Fabienne Seveillac |Costume advisor : Anne-Catherine Kunz |Sound : Patrick Delges (Centre Henri Pousseur) |Sound Designer : Marjolaine Carme |Stage Manager : Jan-Simon De Lille |Headphones Manager : Laure Lang |Photos Credits : All Photos © Isabel Pousset, Unless Otherwise Indicated |Executive Production: La Muse En Circuit – Cncm / Hyoid Voices |Support From : The Flemish Government / Perpodium & Cohort Production / Institut Français In Paris |Coproducers: Musica / Centre Henri Pousseur / De Bijloke / C-Takt / La Muse En Circuit – Cncm |Production : Margaux Guerin |Communication : Aurélie Mydlarz |Diffusion : La musica artists, Coline Vandenberghe