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Jour et nuit

Catherine Diverrès

Catherine Diverrès has marked the dance landscape with her works over the past thirty years. Anyone who saw him dance on stage was touched by his unparalleled strength and grace. Decisive was her meeting with Kazuo Ohno, with whom she studied in Japan, an open path which, upon her return to France, allowed her to develop a particular language that she passed on to several generations of dancers. After fifteen years at the head of the Center choreographique national de Rennes et de Bretagne, a new page opened before her with the company she created, the October association, and its installation in the city of Vannes. in Studio 8 since 2012.End of July 2018, new beginning. The company leaves Studio 8 but remains based in Morbihan, in Vannes for the time being. She continues to dig her furrow on a territory that she does not wish to abandon on such a good path. The first series of rehearsals for Jour et Nuit, a 2019 creation, closes the “parenthesis”.



Piece after piece, Catherine Diverrès has relentlessly crafted a unique brand in the dance world. Her style is a complex mosaic that explores the brighter and darker sides of our human condition. She uses dance and poetry as a weapon to entice us to meet and look at our ever-changing world. Those who have seen her on stage will remember it forever. Diverrès is claiming Jour et Nuit will be her last piece. We say it is a jewel that encapsulates forty years of work with an absolute freedom of style that spans genres as diverse as baroque, expressionism, lyrical abstraction and romanticism. 

Jour et Nuit is not about anything specific. It is about day and night. Two words for the dancers to create and dive into their fantasies. On stage, they craft these moments of pure intimacy, the dawn and dusk we all hide inside of us. 

The set is breath-taking, the lighting design is striking. It looks like a party thrown by our imagination. The piece is a fast-paced sequence of images that were created in the darkest hours of the night, just before the sun rises.


Calendrier des dates 

Dates Ville Salle
9.02.2019 Monbéliard (Fr) Viadanse, Ma Granit – scène nationale de Belfort
13 & 14.02.2019 Créteil (Fr) MAC de Créteil / festival Faits d’Hiver
20.03.2019 Saint-Louis (Fr) La Coupole à Saint-Louis
26.03.2019 Orléans (Fr) Théâtre d’Orléans, scène nationale du Havre 
3 & 4.04.2019 Reims (Fr) Le Manège scène nationale de Reims
26.04.2019 Le Mans (Fr) Les Quinconces – L’Espal scène nationale du  Mans
3.05.2019 Le Havre (Fr) Le Volcan, scène nationale du  Havre
12.11.2019 Bruxelles (Be) Les Halles de Schaerbeek
16.11.2019 Lanester (Fr) Quai 9
7 & 8.01.2020 Grenoble (Fr) MC2, scène nationale de Grenoble


Création février 2019

Collaboration artistique et scénographique : Laurent Peduzzi
Création lumière : Marie-Christine Soma assistée de Fabien Bossard
Son : Kenan Trévien
Costumes : Cidalia Costa
Danseurs : Pilar Andres Contreras, Alexandre Bachelard, Lee Davern, Nathan Freyermuth, Harris Gkekas, Capucine Goust, Isabelle Kurzi, Rafael Pardillo, Emilio Urbina.
Textes : Novalis, Extraits In Hymnes à la nuit et In Chants Spirituels; Paris, Les Belles Lettres; 2014, dits par Isabelle Kurzi et Frode Bjornstad | Poèmes de Lee Davern |Héraclite, fragment 25, In Sur la nature
Musique : Jean-Luc Guionnet et Thomas Tilly - Seijiro Murayama - Alec Wilder, Billie Holidays with Ray Ellis and his Orchestra - John Stafford Smith, Jimmy Hendrix - Keith Miller, Glen Mason, Shirley Bassey - David Bowie - Palle Mikkelborg, Miles Davis - Hazard - Ludovic Navarre, St Germain - Georges Jacques, André Verchuren - Amy Winehouse, Mike Ronson - James F Hanley, Jo Goodwin, Tiny Tim - Béla Bartók, Pierre Boulez & BBC Orchestra - Alban Berg, Pierre | Boulez & BBC Orchestra - Cole Porter, Comedian | Harmonists - Dolorez Fernandez - Alex Gifford, | Shirley Bassey

Production : Compagnie Catherine Diverrès / association d’Octobre
Coproduction: Le Volcan - Scène nationale du Havre | Les Quinconces - L’espal, Scène nationale, Le Mans | Le Manège - Scène nationale de Reims | Charleroi danse, Belgique | Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles | Festival Faits d’hiver | MAC (Créteil) | La Coupole, Saint-Louis | Alsace et dans le cadre de l’Accueil studio | ICI Centre chorégraphique national, Montpellier | Pôle-Sud, CDCN, Strasbourg | Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin | Centre chorégraphique national de Mulhouse | Centre chorégraphique national de Tours - direction Thomas Lebrun | Centre chorégraphique national de Nantes | Viadanse, Centre chorégraphique national de Bourgogne Franche-Comté à Belfortdans le cadre de l’accueil studio - Ministère de la Culture et de la communication | DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comte, Le Granit scène nationale de Belfort
Avec le soutien: de la Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre de Studiolab | Spectacle vivant en Bretagne | Théâtre d’Orléans | Théâtre national de Chaillot, Paris | Quai 9, Lanester

en partenariat avec le Festival Faits d’hiver. danse. Paris

En coprésentation avec Charleroi danse