Les Halles de Schaerbeek
— Brussels —

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Schools & Communities

Circus, dance, multi-disciplinary… There’s something for everyone at Les Halles !

We select a series of shows that suit the needs of our school and community audiences and help them to sharpen their critical eye.

Visit Les Halles

  • Visit Les Halles and discover its history, background and artistic project

Discover Les Halles’ history and learn how the old market became a major cultural centre. Come backstage and learn how to run a theatre, discover Les Halle’s unique architecture and how we work with our local community.
Visits are available from September to June, just give us a call to discuss details.

Free / available on demand / 1h30 / all age groups

Wrap-around activities

  • Teacher’s packs and background information

To make sure your group comes prepared, we prepare info packs on a selection of shows: presentation of the work, interviews with the artists, videos, links and press reviews.

  • Presentation of the shows in your space

To discover in an interactive and engaging way the show you’re coming to see with a group. In partnership with the group leader or the teacher, we will come up with a relevant plan to open up the group’s imagination before or after their experience in Les Halles.

  • Meet the artists

On some occasions, it is also possible to meet the artists after the show. Your group will have the chance to interview the artists and get answers to all their questions. A unique occasion to share and exchange!

More than a venue

  • Introduction to circus or dance history in your space or at Les Halles.

Ever wanted to organise an event around the history of circus or dance? Les Halles’ outreach team can present an engaging introduction to these two artforms.



Feel like home at Les Halles.
Get in touch for more information:
Michel Reuss, outreach manager:

michel.reuss@halles.be ǁ 02 227 59 53


6 € (min. 10 pers.) + a guest guide per group of 10 people
1,25€ + ticket Article 27