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Born from a desire to think differently about the aesthetics and economics of producing shows, L'Amicale was created in 2010 by Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet and Halory Goerger. Fluid by nature, L’Amicale has been a project cooperative since 2017 that pools resources (production, administration, distribution and logistics) to produce cross-discipline forms of art, somewhere between live performance and visual arts.


Its creative identity is shaped and reshaped by the individuals and personalities that it’s made up of. Today, 7 partner artists in associated production (Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Samuel Hackwill, Ina Mihalache, Lorette Moreau, Sofia Teillet and Sébastien Vial) and 6 supporting artists in partner projects (Célestine Dahan, Kevin Deffrennes, Salomé Dollat, Thomas Riou, Yulia Sakun and Marine Thévenet) all help define the project.


“We profess a cross-discipline and artisanal approach: our pet subjects are analysing, inventing, testing, tinkering and prototyping. Convinced that how artistic works are made affects the end product, we enrich our projects with tools, methods and games specially designed to experiment with new relationships with work, with spectators and with ideas.

Passionate about stage production and about sharing knowledge and experience, we explore a myriad of different ways of presenting our ideas, including conferences, outdoor centres and workshops, among other things. This versatility in form pushes us to constantly consider production from novel angles. Analysis, monitoring and prototyping work is often required before finding the perfect angle of approach for the production of a project.”



A graduate of the College of Fine Arts (ESÄ) in Tourcoing, Antoine Defoort co-founded L’Amicale in 2010. Combining total commitment with absolute casualness, he is a creator of experimental shows, including CHEVAL (2008), Germinal (2012) and Elles vivent (2021).

Julien Fournet is a director, tinkerer with cultural objects, both living and philosophical, and was a co-founder of L’Amicale in 2010. A jack-of-all-trades, he is involved in numerous collective adventures and in 2018 created Ami·e·s il faut faire une pause.

After studying digital design at the Saint-Etienne School of Art and Design (ESADSE), Samuel Hackwill joined L’Amicale on On traversera le pont une fois rendu·e·s à la rivière (2017). He creates IT-linked interactive experiences, including Le tiret du six (2021).

After studying Art History at the University of Montreal, Ina Mihalache moved to Paris and worked as a camera operator/editor while developing video installations. In 2011, she created the YouTube channel Solange te Parle. She uses a variety of media in her projects, including radio, film, writing and performing arts.

Lorette Moreau is a graduate of ARTS² in the Belgian city of Mons. Passionate about methodology and genre, she creates shows, facilitates workshops and is an artistic collaborator for others. Since 2021, she has been developing the project Fort comfort.

A graduate of France’s National Academy of Dramatic Arts (CNSAD), Sofia Teillet joined L’Amicale in 2017. After a prolific career as a performer (Vincent Macaigne), she decided to develop her work as a writer and created her one-hander De la sexualité des orchidées (2020).

A long-time artistic collaborator with L’Amicale, sometime performer, scenographer and illustrator, Sébastien Vial undertakes projects alone (Big Data Yoyo, 2020) or as part of a collective (Les Thermes, 2012). Since 2018, he has been a co-director of la Compagnie On Off.