Les Halles de Schaerbeek
— Brussels —

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White out

Piergiorgio Milano

When mountaineering meets choreography, you realise that these two have more in common than one might think: harmony and movement coordination gives balance, rhythm and endurance when over the cliff. But how can you recreate on a flat stage the emotions that you feel at such height and the dizzying immensity of the mountains?

In White Out, three performers take on this climbing challenge: they want to reach the highest summit, but altitude cast a dizzy spell on them and make them think they want to disappear. Light, snow and clouds join the party to blur the lines even further: space has no meaning, time is suspended.

Where can they take refuge? White Out is a fascinating piece in which our endangered humanity is looking for its great escape.


Conception, mise en scène et chorégraphie : Piergiorgio Milano
Interprètes : Erika Bettin, Javier Varela Carrera, Piergiorgio Milano
Avec l'indispensable aide de Florent Hamon
Conception lumière : Bruno Teusch
Costumes et décors : Raphaël Lamy, Piergiorgio Milano
Création sonore : Federico Dal Pozzo

Un grand merci à Claudio Stellato, Francesco Sgro

Production : Elisa Bottero / Teatro La Caduta.
Coproduction : Torinodanza festival, Teatro Stabile de Turin, Espace Malraux scène nationale, Chambéry Savoie, dans le cadre du projet Corpo Links Cluster, PC INTERREG VA – Italie-France (Alcotra 2014-2020), Les Halles de Schaerbeek (Bruxelles), RSGT / Flic – Residenza Surreale, La Caduta. Avec le soutien de : Compagnia di San Paolo, dans le cadre de l’appel à projet ORA ! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea ; et de la Cocof – scènes chorégraphiques.
En Collaboration avec : Le Corte Ospitale, Teatro Asioli, Dinamico Festival, Teatro Frida asd SI.ste.
ma, Inteatro Festival, ERT.
Remerciements : Anna Torretta, Enrico Camanni, Laure Clapies, Johan Bichot, Loyd Llovel, Michael Brand, Jakob J autz, Valentina Cortese, Giovanna Milano, Lucia Ferina, Alessandro Facciolo, Marzio Nardi-Bside Climbing Village.