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5 & 6.04.24 | 60'




Friday 05 April 2024 20:30
Saturday 06 April 2024 20:30

The collective XENOMETOK presents 49 days, their first music and dance performance. In it, an ensemble of four protagonists takes us on a journey through the memories of three sisters who find themselves in a space detached from time - between a lon­ging this world and an apparent beyond - in order to fight their way out together and in turmoil.

With finely arranged elements of electronic music, experimental vocals and moving images, 49 days creates a fictional alterna­tive world. It tells of the movements and renunciations of previ­ous generations and of the passing on of centuries-old Tibetan rituals, which were consciously maintained by the parents and become continuously entrenched in the memory and everyday life of the descendants.

These memories and customs are activated and reinterpreted in 49 days in a 60 minutes performance, not only bridging the indivi­dual and collective past, but being transformed into celebratory experiences of a communal present.

XENOMETOK is a transdisciplinary collaboration between singer Yesh, artist Valentina Demicheli and Tibet activist Paelden Tam­nyen. Thematically, the collective moves in the field of tension between reappropriation and Asian foreign and self-perception.

Idea, artistic direction and dramaturgy : Yeshe Gyaltag, Paelden Tamnyen, Valentina Demicheli 
Singing & Performance : Yesh 
Music & Performance : Valentina Demicheli 
Dance & Performance : Kelsang Tamnyen, Tsewang Dendatsang 
Performance : Paelden Tamnyen, Sean Tien, Sonja Schindler 
Costume : Namuun Byambaa 
Video : Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier 
Stage design : Rafal Skoczek, Sonam Tamnyen 
Stage Design Asisstance : Francesco Cagnin 
Production management : Rigzin Gyaltag 
Technical management : Demian Jakob 
Choreographic advice : Josh Johnson 
Oeil Éxterieur : Hannah Weinberger