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4 & 5.04.23



Collectif Simul Solus


Tuesday 04 April 2023 20:00
Wednesday 05 April 2023 20:00

Launching a new creation is about mixing together a great big heap of ideas and letting them ferment. The fermentation itself is not a very appetising process. When it comes to 18 circus students throwing everything that comes into their minds and especially their bodies into a common pot, yeast is replaced by sweat — so Ugly. With its daily routine — so Real — and the poetic flashes that spring from it, the Simul Solus collective, led by Gaël Santisteva, plays with putting the moment of creative realisation under tension. A unique of piece stage work, delicious and mischievous — so Sparkling — to be sampled without moderation.


Estelle Alagnat, Keivin Benavides Hidalgo, Nicola Bertazzoni, Joaquín Bravo Gallo, Martina Calvo, Chloé Chevallier, Bernadette Favre, Daniel Fernández López, Alonso González Barria, Livia Jouan, Paul Longuebray, Morgane Maret, Juan Carlos Panduro Romero, Wing Leung Pun, Josse Roger, Luis Miguel Roldán Santiago, Ting Kuan Zhao

Musique : Vic Grevendonk
Lumière: Valentin Boucq
Mise en scène: Gaël Santisteva

Crédit photo ©Stanislav Dobák