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Cie Poivre Rose

The Compagnie du Poivre Rose is a Contemporary Circus company based in Belgium. Le Poivre Rose is the project born from the union of 5 artists from Quebec, Belgium and France and brought together by human complicity and common creative objectives. Their goal is to create a space, a structure where their ideas, good and bad, simple or heroic, could be tried out. A group, a company where they can give full room to their raw creativity, a setting where, between them, they would have the opportunity to do things as they please, to try in their own way. Building on their respective training and careers, they now want to make the leap from performer to creator by taking part in their first experience of producing and broadcasting a live performance.



Combining rope, object manipulation, Chinese pole and hula-hoop, between traditional and contemporary circus, two clowns face each other: the lion and the tamer. Who will win?

Through laughter, provocation and immodesty Lions looks at those moments when cruelty gets the best of us. By shifting, twisting and turning the power balance, Lions becomes a very human comedy, revealing fragile identities busy playing hide and seek. Standing one’s ground doesn’t solve anything.

Only one question matters: who am I?

Auteurs et interprètes
Thomas Dechaufour, Amaury Vanderborght
Créatrice musicale et interprète
Maud-Élisa Mandeau a.k.a Le Prince Miiaou
Metteur en scène
Christian Lucas
Camille Rolovic
Créateur lumières
Thibault Condy
Sandra Dechaufour
Regard extérieur
Benjamin Kahn
Régisseur son
Norbert Labrousse
Régisseur général
Geoffroy de Hasque

Production : Compagnie du Poivre Rose - Poivre Rose ASBL, maison de la culture de Tournai/maison de création - Coproduction : Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Bruxelles, Central - La Louvière, Theater op de Markt - Dommelhof, Centre culturel du Brabant Wallon - Soutiens : CIRCa pôle national cirque - Auch, Espace Jéliote Scène Conventionnée - O. Sainte-Marie, Wolubilis, MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard - La Roseraie - Aides : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service des arts de la rue, du cirque et des arts forains - Accueil en création scénographie : Le Vaisseau –