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5 > 07.12.24 | 60' | 14+


Arno Ferrera & Gilles Polet

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Thursday 05 December 2024 20:00 Tickets
Friday 06 December 2024 18:00 Tickets
Saturday 07 December 2024 21:30 Tickets

Arno Ferrera, Gilles Polet and Charlie Hession deconstruct toxic virility through an intensely physical performance.

In ARMOUR, the three circus performers bring into question how to be a man in our society, bringing forward new horizons for the notions of masculinity and virility. The trio confront the concept of toxic virility and its constituent elements of domination and control. In an intensely physical performance, the artists dismantle the mechanisms of (over)protection that hamper human relationships. In the process, they open up a space for vulnerability and fragility based on listening and trust. ARMOUR reaches states where sweetness, eroticism and self-deprecation offer a representation of a free and generous love, in joyful collusion with a closely-seated audience all around the performance space.

Conception artistique : Arno Ferrera Gilles Polet |Conception technique : Pierre-Jean Pitou Faggiani |Développement : Anaïs Longiéras |Auteurs / performeurs : Arno Ferrera, Gilles Polet, Charlie Hession |Support dramaturgique : Bauke Lievens |Support mise en scène : Renée Corpraij |Regards : Gaïa Saitta, Matthieu Goeury |Regard acrobatique : Frédéric Arsenault |Création lumière : Anthony Merlaud |Création son : Raphaëlle Latini |Costumes : Kasia Mielczarek |Photo : Florian Hetz |Vidéo: Nicky Lapierre  |Arrangement chant: Justine Bourgeus| Construction: Ferronerie The Jof Company |Régie générale : Pierre-Jean Pitou Faggiani |Diffusion : Anaïs Longiéras Mathieu Vattan |Production, administration : Agathe Cornez, Les Halles de Schaerbeek