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06.07.24 | 14:00

Cortège Zonder Carnaval: la marche du Grand Marché

Prince Zonder Carnaval, Shen Özdemir, Tina Schott & Delphine Somers


Saturday 06 July 2024 14:00

Carnival is usually in the spring, but the Grand Marché has decided to celebrate a ‘Zonder Carnaval’, a moment outside the indoor events, a moment when the activities of the Grand Marché wander through the streets and onto the Place de la Reine. A festive moment when posters, pennants, rattles and other creations from the ‘Zonder Carnaval’ kiosk come alive in an interactive, travelling party! There will also be groups of three guest artists: Shen Özdemir, Tina Schott & Delphine Somers. All the procession groups wind their way through the neighbourhood, engaging passers-by and getting people involved in the game and the party. There's an ‘end of carnival’ stage, with a presentation by the groups of the raffle prizes and a musical moment for the public. There's also a celebration of the harvest of ideas, the ‘harvest of utopia’.

Prins Zonder Carnaval & de Gilde featuring: Opprinsinjoor & Wagne Kaje:
   Elected Schaerbeek's Carnival Prince in March 2020, McCloud Zicmuse had everything it took to lead the parade. But due to a worldwide pandemic, the carnival was cancelled. ‘All dressed up and nowhere to go’, McCloud 1er, Le PRINS ZONDER CARNAVAL, has decided to declare Prinsdom Schaærbeek's independence and form an eclectic big band to play songs inspired by the life and folklore of the lively town of Schaærbeek.
   DE GILDE have swapped their bows and arrows for musical instruments, but not their clothes. Think Sun Ra Arkestra, New Orleans Dixieland, choir, traditional brass band or even musique concrète - they're ready to set fire to any dull moment!
   OPPRINSSINJOOR, the new party game that's taking concert halls by storm, is the brainchild of artist Clément Jacques-Vossen and the Prins. Gather around the giant canvas and launch the Opprinssijnoor doll into the air.
   WAGNE KAJE, a giant part, a piñata part 100% Wagne Kaje, a giant head that is reborn with every release!

Shen Özdemir: visual artist, creator and manager of one of the procession groups: KARNAVALO
    Karnavalo is an imaginary carnival founded by Shen Özdemir. Its intention is to create an international human community through a cultural syncretism that belongs to no territory. By imagining a shared narrative, hybridisation and a common language attempt to create peace within this folklore, giving rise to new cultural forms. Carnival is made up of a multitude of troupes. Each one defines a distinct family through its festivity and abundance of folklore. Karnavalo is an imaginary construction that feeds off society and its people, creating a new world with the freedom to be joyful, crazy, lively, funny, childlike and extravagant. Let's celebrate life! KARNAVALO represents an idyllic world where territorial divisions do not exist. This absence eliminates all forms of racial and social discrimination. There is no hierarchy between the troupes, and all the characters are asexual.
   A new Karnavalo troupe will be unveiled in early July at Les Halles de Schaerbeek! A hint? IT'S ROLLING!

   Embark on an Adventurous Odyssey of Bezigheidsclub.
Our group is a journey through the extraordinary, where the streets transform into enchanted pathways. We wander through hidden forests, ancient buildings, and architectural marvels, each step unveiling new wonders. With every turn, we weave a tale of discovery, inviting you to see the world through the eyes of an explorer, where the mundane becomes magical. Come and join us in this poetic exclusive journey, where every step is a verse, and every moment is a story waiting to be told.

Delphine Somers : Peintre, fabrication et gérante d'un des groupes de cortège: TOUT EST TORDU / ALLES ES JUST (Ex-Voto)
   Pogge and Nasreddin are two important figures for Schaerbeek with two opposing natures. One is a trickster, destroyer of categories, a joker and taunter of logic. The other is a mediator, a mender of hearts, a silent force and wise man. Together they bring balance and progress. TOUT EST TORDU / ALLES ES JUST est un reliquaire ambulante in honor of these spirits.


Molly Rodgveller : costumière (Kaaicouture), fabrication et confection des costumes du Prins et de Gilde
Louise Limontas : design textile, création des cordes, accessoires costume
De GILDE : est une structure de géométrie variable, dans laquelle on trouve souvent Koen Berghmans, Lieven Dousselaere, Kosi Hidama, Eric Kinney, Eléonore Kenis, Carlos Martin, Jan Nachtergaele, Steven Rymenans, Dolores Velasquez, Tomas Veloz et bien sur autres invité.e.s sur le moment.

BEZIGHEIDSCLUB : groupe de cortège avec les artistes : Rosalinde Heerkens, Gerard Leysen, Manon Kündig, Tina Schott & Jelle Spruyt