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La Belle Hip Hop


Friday 28 June 2024 21:10

DJ MikiGold
MikiGold used to collect vinyl records and was a flautist and jazz pianist before she started mixing. "I needed a new turntable, so I bought two. Bim! That was in 2008. Shortly afterwards I made a demo and was selected to do a set at the 10 Days Off festival in my home town of Ghent." A year later, she founded SupAfly Collective, a creative platform promoting female hip-hop culture. With Supafly she has organised numerous events in Brussels and Ghent and the collective has hosted a radio show on BRUZZ since 2010. MikiGold has played festivals all over Belgium, as well as in Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Hamburg. Behind the decks she shares her love of jazz, soul, hiphop and house. Her search for the perfect beat, melody, rhythm and rhyme is now her ultimate quest.

Cage is a Flemish hip-hop MC from Strombeek (one eight five three), in the northern suburbs of Brussels. 
Influenced by the American and French hip-hop scene of the 1990s, she has honed her pen and developed her own Flemish style. This woman of the microphone with Congolese roots serves her listeners authentic lyrics on social themes.

Berni Maria
Berni Maria, formerly known as Bandolera, is a Chilean artist who owes her sound to having travelled and lived around the world from an early age. 
Inspired by her Latin American roots, she has her own melancholy and style. 
An artist since 2017, she skims the boundaries of pop and urban music in Spanish and English. 
A self-taught musician and composer of her own melodies and lyrics, it is through music that she best expresses herself and reveals her soul to us. 
Her first single, Bandolera, released in 2021, is an introduction to this "alter ego", followed by other singles that now reveal her true identity and the diversity of her different sounds and styles through which she lets us discover her world. 

Aïcha Haskal is a Belgian-Moroccan singer born in the 80s. She grew up with the musical trends of her time, but also with the popular Moroccan and classical Arabian music of her music-loving mother. As a teenager she was passionate about rock and rap, and in 1995 she joined the Brussels hip hop collective "Souterrain Production", with whom she recorded a number of featuring tracks and performed on a number of underground stages in Brussels and at festivals such as the Dour festival. A little later she decided to abandon herself to the repertoires of classical Arabic music, for which she has a great passion, as well as Western lyrical singing and Balkan music. Her eclectic tastes naturally led her to collaborate in 2010 with the Ghent brass band (Va Fan Fahre), with whom she recorded 5 tracks on the highly successful album Al Wa' Debt. She travelled as far as Brazil and several towns in France and Belgium. Today, Aïcha Haskal is a member of the group Gaïsha, a melting pot of styles that includes pop, ska, jazz and rock, all of which contribute to Gaïsha's originality. The overriding idea of this project was to highlight oriental music with psychedelic, danceable, offbeat grooves, and to add vocals mainly in Arabic. Not forgetting to include a bit of French chanson as well.

Bgirl Leyssa
Bgirl Leyssa is a young prodigy in the world of Bgirling and Hip Hop dance. She started dancing at the age of 6. She took part in various European competitions, while taking dance classes between Paris and Brussels. Today, Leyssa is more than determined to play in the big league. To be continued...