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Arno Ferrera

Arno Ferrera’s work is centred on touch, and the connection between individuals in body-to-body contact. He graduated in Physical Theatre at the Accademia Dimitri in Switzerland.

After ten years of gymnastics and six years of studies in baroque music at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (CSI), he decided to base himself in Brussels. In 2015 he joined the contemporary circus company Un loup pour l'homme (founded by Alexandre Fray and Frédéric Arsenault), and he participated in the international tours of the shows Face Nord and Rare Birds, before going on to become artistic director and performer in the duo Cuir, within the company.

Alongside his performance work, Arno develops projects that aim to create tactile meeting points and artistic works within closed environments (mainly in prisons and psychiatric hospitals).

His work is an invitation to surrender, to discover trust in others, and in doing so also to transform your self-perception.