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Urban Pass

New at Les Halles : the Urban pass
It gives you the possibility to come and see 3 dance shows with urban inspirations (Hip hop, krump,...), between 25.11 and 3.12 for 27€.

!! During your online booking, this amount will only be effective when you will have chosen your show dates and filled your basket. !!


25 & 26.11 - Silent legacy - Maud Le Pladec
Silent Legacy is a duo between Adeline Kerry Cruz, 8 years old, a young krump dance prodigy, and Audrey Merilus. The two artists combine their interpretative strength with a radical authenticity. But it is the young Canadian — white — who dances krump, while Audrey Merilus, of African descent, is an "academic" contemporary dancer. Their dialogue questions cultural transmission and identity and the conditions of sharing and of symbolic heritage of the human adventure.

29 & 30.11 - Les Autres - Kader Attou
Les Autres highlights Kader Attou's encounter with non-typical musical instruments that become one with their performers. The crystal organ and the theremin: these rare-sounding instruments that are played seemingly almost without touching them arouse a form of reverie, renewing the dialogue between the music, the dancing and the set design. We are presented with a phantasmagorical space- time between illusion and surprise where beauty is born from the strange and the unusual. Along with the musicians, six dancers with singular personalities, whose backgrounds feature hip-hop and contemporary aesthetics, create a show that is at once baroque, intense and surprising, playing with the materiality of the world.


3.12 - Oüm - Fouad Boussouf / Cie Massala
Oüm pays tribute to the confluence of the talents of Egyptian diva Oüm Kalthoum and Persian poet Omar Khayyám. During his childhood, the songs of Oüm Kalthoum accompanied Fouad Boussouf everywhere. That voice, that poetic and musical emotion, the feelings became familiar to him. Later on, he discovered Omar Khayyám's Quatrains. This poem draws its strength from its relationship with pleasure, delight, exaltation and love. These feelings stand out as the source of this new creation : a timeless trance where song, poetry, dance and music unite in celebration of the present.
AROUND THE SHOW (Fr) : Bord de scène avec Fouad Boussouf et les interprètes après la représentation. / Atelier pour toutes et tous - Voix & Corps - avec une danseuse du spectacle, le samedi 03 décembre de 10h00 à 13h00 aux Halles de Schaerbeek. Description ci-dessous (pdf). / Information