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Afroxellois Christmas market

Brussels is the most diverse capital in the world after Dubai. Bruxelles Africapitales is our invitation to discover everything this hyper-diversity has to offer. In Brussels, Afro-descents are the largest community with an identity that embraces two cultures across two continents. Les Halles will host a Christmas market dedicated to the Afro-Brussels creativity: fashion, food, workshops for all age groups, as well as stalls from creators from other regions of the world.

Shows, lectures and debates

Bruxelles Africapitales also questions the limit of how much we can share. Can we really share our rebellions? Our disobedience? Our pains? Our poverty? Our means of expression? Our fights? To be of a different culture, is it to be of none? Or is to be of a unique, adventurous and growing culture? To answer these questions, we are hosting a series of debates, forums, lectures and artistic work in progress (Salim Djaferi) and shows: rap concert (4th December), dance performance (8th December) and much more.

A participatory event

Bruxelles Africapitales is also a group of partners – schools, charities, people – that will come together during a participatory event you are all invited to. During the autumn season, Afro-Brussels artists and young African artists will lead workshops with local groups in Brussels: writing (in partnership with the exhibition Rap: An African story?), dance, comedy, school immersion, charity events. Participants will come together and present their findings. We will also have a party. Come, it’s on us!