Les Halles de Schaerbeek
— Brussels —

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20.04.24 | 20:00


Les Nuits Botanique

Halles x Botanique


Saturday 20 April 2024 20:00

The duo Alto Fuero are creating a unique concert-performance format for Les Halles and the opening of the Nuits Botanique. Alto Fuero is a French duo currently based in Brussels. Cartoonish sounds and spasmodic rhythms intertwined with haunting traditional folk songs, their trance-inducing music could be considered post-folk.

Alto Fuero is a collaboration between painter, musician and performer Victoria Palacios (elle) and musician and performer Loto Retina (iel). Alto Fuero is music for the body and the front, always on the edge of performance. They invite you into their cavernous club. The walls bounce frenetically with the echoes of flutes, multilingual vocals and twisted basses.

At the invitation of the Halles de Schaerbeek and the Botanique, the duo are forging new relationships with other musicians and other non-human entities in the Grande Halle, teaming up with a scenographer (Juliette Gelli) to create an ecosystem, a porous space in which the public and the artists can breathe together.

"If there was a weirdo music contest, Alto Fuero would have won it hands down. Except that Victoria Palacios and Loto Retina aren't the type to take part in silly competitions. They're more interested in dynamiting novo dance music from morning till night, with cyber flamenco and exotic polyrhythms for a freewheeling electronic pad. Victoria catechises all over the place, alternately disturbing, reassuring or simply fascinating. She goes from lament to minimalist nursery rhyme in no time at all. As for Loto, he destructures the tempo with his home-made samples and lo-fi flute, forcing the audience to constantly invent new dances. Sonic Protest

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/altofuero
Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17959735003786609/
Live: https://lyl.live/episode/meakusma-festival-alto-fuero


Ziggy Devriendt aka Nosedrip hails from Ostend and in the space of just a few years has made a name for himself.
After organising a regular show on his Mixcloud page, he launched Stroom.tv. taht has now turned into record label. Thanks to his unique mix of bizarre playlists and distinctive aesthetic.

As a DJ, Nosedrip creates atmospheres like no other and leaves dancefloors gasping for breath wherever he goes.



Known for fusing rap with pop and industrial electronica, Elheist has quickly become one of the UK's female artists to watch. As much known for her monthly radio shows on NTS as for her eclectic music underpinned by her lively personality and unique approach, the London-based artist is considered by many to be forward-thinking in her approach.

Born and raised in south-east London, Elheist's interest in music began at an early age. She spent her teenage years honing her skills in creative writing and studio production. After university, El joined a band formed by artist Klein in 2016. After participating in Portia Lewis, she began her solo career under the stage name Elheist. In 2017, she decided to talk about societal events through her first single 'See how'. Since then, Elheist has played in some of Europe's most famous venues, and her songs have been selected for the best playlists, and played on television and in adverts.


DJ Nigga Fox, a member of Lisbon-based band Principe Discos, made his debut with the EP 'O Meu Estilo' in 2013, establishing him on the Portuguese music scene as an avant-garde artist. His second EP, 'Noite E Dia' in 2015, was hailed for its exuberance; and in 2017, he pushed the conceptual boundaries of his music with a new EP '15 Barras'. His first full-length album, 'Cartas Na Manga', is the fruit of his achievement as a composer and producer who knows no limits in experimentation. In February 2022, he released the 'Música Da Terra' EP and embarked on a tour of the US East Coast and Mexico in March.



 The musical alias of Brussels-based BIA, embodies the true meaning of unpredictability. Leaping from ambient to plugg or based trap music to drone, she weaves together genres into one mystical soundscape that embodies the chaos of her life. Bringing a fresh new take on club music, iced lattina is a force to be reckoned with.


20:00 DJ Nosedrip
21:30 Elheist
22:15 Alto Fuero - Diboell
23:00 DJ Nigga Fox
01:00 iced lattina