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24.04.24 | 18:00


Martyna Przybyło

Pas (si) fragile


Wednesday 24 April 2024 18:00
Performing Identity

Czako is a term used to describe the headgear [la1] that is part of a mining uniform. In mining culture, headgear is a very important element, as it categorizes workers through the various colors of the plume attached to it. The artist's father, as a miner, was marked with a white plume, which meant that he was part of the supervision, and a small group of people were subordinated to him. He worked in the methane removal department, which was responsible for controlling the leak of flammable gas in the mine.
In the past, this role in the mine was performed by prisoners, since they were seen as beings with a less important life, later they were replaced by canaries. Birds in cages were scattered throughout the mine’s corridors, stuck in eternal darkness with no possibility of changing their fate. When their singing stopped, it only meant danger.
In her performance, the artist uses objects she made from canary cages, and sound, to present the story mentioned above. It invites the audience to participate in the action and take a walk underground with her.

Martyna Przybyło was born in Oświęcim (Poland), she is now based in Poznań. In her works the most important are issues that are occurring in her daily life, becoming a significant part of it. She is also very interested in topics related to social attitudes, and how she resonates with them.