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24.04.24 | 18:00

Dance here, there, everywhere

Suvi Tuominen

Pas (si) fragile


Wednesday 24 April 2024 18:00
Time For Live Art
Darkness, occasional bright light and sound

Record a movement Cut, slice and change Press play, stop, play Press stop, play, play lipsync and wiggle record and share

Dance changes its temporality and meaning when movements leap into a seemingly endless feed of visual content. The viewer has control over how, when and where dance is consumed. The dancer has control on what is documented and what kind of body is made visible.

Dance here, there, everywhere explores choreography, gaze and the politics of time in a world where dance is a fragment floating in a pool of digital mess.


Suvi Tuominen is an artist, dancer and archeologist. Her artistic thinking digs into layers of heritage studies, world relations and performance. In her works, Suvi attempts to construct complex understandings of reality aiming toward the subconscious. Her devices are dance, humor, wordy stimulation, hesitation, discursive engagement and use of trendy colors. Suvi works both as an independent artist, choreographer, dancer, performer and dance teacher.

In the framework of “Time For Live Art”. Project co-funded by the European Union (Creative Europe programme).