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24.04.24 | 18:00


Kimia Nasirian

Pas (si) fragile


Wednesday 24 April 2024 18:00
Performing Identity
Inscription obligatoire, Alerte nudité, Alerte toucher. Les participant·es doivent avoir leur maillot de bain, un essuie/peignoir.

When words intermingle and each voice tells its story simultaneously, the "Hamhameh" emerges. We find ourselves immersed in the vapors of words, the murmurs of voices, the whirlwind of stories. We lose ourselves in this whirlpool to find the stories. To find the best way to convey a story. We take on new roles in this intimate/public space.

*Persian word meaning tumult, din, clamor. When everyone speaks at once.

Specifications: Registration required, Nudity alert, Touch alert. Participants must have bathing suit, towel/robe.


Originally from Teheran, Kimia Nasirian is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels since 2020. She holds a master's degree in sculpture from ENSAV - La Cambre and a bachelor's degree in design from the University of Strasbourg. Her artistic creations explore themes such as the collective memory of the body within political and social movements, as well as religious and traditional rituals in the Middle East. Kimia Nasirian also co-founded the ‘M-A Collective’ performance collective in Brussels.

In the framework of “Performing Identity. Performance Art Facing Contemporary Societal Challenges”. Project co-funded by the European Union (programme Erasmus+ - Strategic Partnerships).