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Galactic Crush 2: Into the Cold - work in progress

Stephanie Kayal

In their recent performance “Galactic Crush”,  Stephanie Kayal and Abed Kobeissy react to the political events of the last five years in Beirut, the city from which they both hail. Together, they sought solace through a self produced fiction to make peace with this hyper reality ; “The events of the performance occur in a parallel universe, where in retaliation to decades of an evil rule of crimes and corruption, a dancer antihero and her sidekick musician, form a cheaply equipped and loosely organized crime fighting power couple to exact vengeance. With good intentions and no experience whatsoever; they are a so-so summary of the contemporary reality in Beirut.”

Today, Kayal and Kobeissy are working on “Galactic crush 2: Into the Cold'', a sequel performance in which the same two protagonists, after having completely failed in their Don-Quixotic crime fighting delirium, have now sobered up to this absurd reality. Facing total despair, they decide to flee on a hazardous journey. With most of the planet falling apart, the two artists, friends, lovers and former antiheroes, decide to make use of scientific advancement, and build a do-it-yourself intergalactic spaceship to seek life in another galaxy. 

With a shy and dark humor, they dive into the unknown and sail into the cold. From a new distant perspective into their relationship with their city and their families, they hope to understand and forgive global failures. They dance, as a reminder of home. 

Concept and text: Stephanie Kayal and Abed Kobeissy

Choreography, direction and performance: Stephanie Kayal

Original Music: Abed Kobeissy

Photo credit: Pôl Seif

“Galactic Crush” premiered  in its English version At NEXT festival, Budascoop, Kortrijk 2022

Supported by Kunstencentrum BUDA, Mophradat, Frankfurt Lab 2022, fabrik Potsdam 2022, AFAC, Zoukak Theatre, Koon Studio 

“Galactic Crush 2: Into the Cold” - a work in progress, supported by Common Stories|Common Lab 2023, Workspacebrussels, ISAC - ArBA EsA