Les Halles de Schaerbeek
— Brussels —

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18 & 19.10.24

SNAP! Festival

Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics


Friday 18 October 2024  
Saturday 19 October 2024  

SNAP is a festival dedicated to sex work representations, discourses and narratives. For this new edition, the Halles de Schaerbeek will host the live arts program of the festival on October 18th and 19th while the Cinéma Galeries will be the place for movie screenings.

A space for visibility and discourse, SNAP ishowcases the work of sex workers (SWs) in what could be described as the Whore Studies movement. The festival also aims to be a forum for destigmatizing sex workers.

During SNAP 2024, films, concerts, performances, community encounters and whore studies will unfold the issues faced by sex workers, and through them, the broader issues of precarious economies, body-economic transactions, digital workers, non-standard sexualities, queer and feminist struggles, and structural dynamics of power and exclusion.

  • Concept and program are developed from the Nothing about us whithout us perspective, i.e. by the people concerned - in this case sex workers - or in active collaboration with them.
  • The SNAP Festival is organized by AWC Production in collaboration with UTSOPI.
  • The SNAP Festival is open to everyone: people wanting to find out more about SWs issues, people who are or have been SWs, allies in the fight for equal rights, fans of alternative cultures, etc.

The SNAP! festival is organised by the non-profit organisation Art Whore Connection (AWC Production) and a team of sex workers and allies |In partnership with UTSOPI| With the support of COCOF égalité des chances.