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10.02.24 | 60' | EN

Zones of Resplendence

Carolina Mendonça

It take a city


Saturday 10 February 2024 18:00
Saturday 10 February 2024 22:00

What would the world look like if you could choose your own weapon? Zones of Resplendence explores forms of manifestation for a potential feminized army. Carolina Mendonça and Lara Ferrari investigate whether you can fight a war with vulnerability, expanding the perspective on violence. By using the body in different ways, they prepare themselves for a possible confrontation. Will this sci-fi dance performance give rise to a new kind of army?

This show is co-presented with Workspace Brussels as part of the It Takes A City festival.

Direction, text & performance: Carolina Mendonça
Performance & collaboration: Lara Ferrari
Dramaturgy: Carolina Bianchi & Joshua Wicke
Sound design: Miguel Caldas
Lighting design: Laura Salerno & Leticia Scrycky
Costume design: Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda & Stef Assandri
Supported by: radical hope, hot bodies studio, wpZimmer, workspacebrussels, Fonds Darstellende Künste in the frame of the programme NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeHeart Residenzförderung, and El Caldo by Gessenerallee