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05.05.24 | 20:00

Karpe : Omar Sheriff

Les Nuits Botanique

Halles X Botanique


Zondag 05 mei 2024 20:00

Karpe, hailed as the premier live act in Scandinavia, delivers an infectious and truly unparalleled energy in this one-of-a-kind show.

After the critical acclaim of Karpe's release, "Omar Sheriff" (2022), featuring the viral hit "PAF.no," they etched their names in concert history with a groundbreaking residency at Oslo Spektrum Arena—ten shows in one month, boasting a record-breaking 115,000 tickets sold, setting an all-time arena record. A few months later, they took this extraordinary performance to Europe, headlining 20 different venues with sold-out shows in major cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Hamburg, and Barcelona, to name just a few. This summer, they return to Europe once again, ready to unleash the unparalleled energy that is distinctly Karpe.

Omar Sheriff unfolds as a narrative weaving together themes of roots, belonging, family, and upbringing, seamlessly blending diverse traditions and languages—Norwegian, Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, and English. It epitomizes diaspora pop. The band members are the progeny of a generation of immigrants and refugees from across the globe, who sought refuge in Norway to establish a home. Now, the next generation collaboratively brings forth "Omar Sheriff" - a multicultural endeavor that unifies and embraces. With an unwavering commitment to push boundaries in production, ideas, and entertainment value, the group ensures that the Omar Sheriff show is no exception.

You absolutely do not want to miss out on this.