Les Halles de Schaerbeek
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Le Grand Marché


The end of the season is synonymous with the Grand Marché. We're opening the doors to the neighbourhood and to all those who want to bring life to the former market space on rue Royale Sainte-Marie.

Conceived with L'Amicale, a project co-operative associated with Les Halles, Le Grand Marché is an experiment in transforming Les Halles and creating unlikely links. We're setting up artistic spaces there, but also places to play, try things out and practise the art of meeting people. You'll experience Les Halles differently!

For 10 days, we'll be showcasing the very best of what we produce: ideas, encounters, emotions and time taken in a different way, in a joyous, anarchic atmosphere. The Grand Marché aims to be a place where utopias can be created, a lovely site where we can find allies to create a new folklore.

You'll find permanent, free access during opening hours to: a ‘playground’, Cybercafé, Les Thermes, and the Que sais-je? stand.

You can watch, observe, take part, relax, eat and drink in this market that wants to be yours.


With the participation of : Camera Quartier, Marmeet, Hip-Hop School, la Maison des arts, la commune de Schaerbeek, Habitant.e.s des images, Freestyle Lab, MarMeet, Sesam,...

Conceived with Julien Fournet (associate artist at Les Halles) and, among others, Samira Hmouda, Bwanga Pilipili, Mc Cloud Zicmuse, Sara Selma Dolorés, L'Amicale, Samuel Hackwill, Sébastien Vial, Vincent Glowinski, Métier Passion, Collegirl and Fatima Ouassak.

en permanence
Kiosk Carnaval Inauguration surprise le 28/06 à 17:30 Hip Hop
Terrain de jeux Gouter
Que sais-je ?
Que sais-je ? Interventions
Les Thermes
cuisine ( MarMeet)
Les Thermes Conférences / jeux
Kiosk Carnaval
Cybercafé Métier Passion Qi Gong
Cuisine / bar Concert Hip Hop Habitant·es des images
Le jardin aux mille fenêtres Caméra Quartier B Narrative ( complet)
Le Chateau gonflable Battle freestyle lab Que sais-je - gouter
Kiosk Carnaval
  B Narrative  
  Qi Gong (restitution)