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24.04.24 | 18:00

Faux Plafond

Camille Bleker et Luna

Pas (si) fragile


Woensdag 24 april 2024 18:00
Belgian platform

A false ceiling takes shape. Placed below the main ceiling and concealing all or part of it, it usually hides imperfections or technical equipment. In most cases, its presence improves the thermal and acoustic performance of a space while reducing its height. As it is not integral with the main ceiling it covers, it can take any shape you choose.

Faux Plafond reverses the function of the object, just as children do when building ephemeral huts. A reversible construction stretches out just above the bodies present. Faux Plafond draws attention to the materiality of the architectures that surround us in a world where physical spaces tend to become virtualised.

Belgian selection made by Les Halles de Schaerbeek, La Balsamine et Studio Thor. With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Brussels promotion).


Camille Bleker and Luna Pittau spend much of their time observing the ceilings that cover their bodies. Together, they create performances. Luna Pittau, initially trained in printmaking and then in Visual Arts (IUAV, Venice), went on to work in the field of re-use. Her practice was soon enriched by textile creations involving the sequence of repetitive gestures, whose performative dimension outweighs the final result. Her work tells the story of inhabited spaces and documents our relationship with place, time and memory.

Camille Bleker, architect, author and performer, has collaborated on deconstruction and recycling projects. The question of objects and their function then became a major preoccupation. In her work, which takes the form of a "laboratory" practice combining language and performative experimentation, she examines the relationships of our bodies and spaces to inanimate objects.

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