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23.04.22 | 20:00


Garage 29 & Marcos Arriola


Zaterdag 23 april 2022 20:00

A WorkShot is a BlitzSnark – a choreographer, a dozen professional performers, their dramaturgical questions, and their stage vocabulary. They have fifteen days to map the edges of their exploration, shake its boundaries, and present something to a live audience. We are not looking for a product to present, we just spend time together and, like salt on the ocean shores exposed to the sun, the core crystal becomes visible. Flash experimentation, express creative process, fast live performance: a challenge for all partners!

It is with stylish warriors that the choreographer Marcos Arriola celebrates, in his new creation CRUCE, the dancefloor as a meeting place and as a claim to our subjectivities. The dancing body is political, a strategic place to revolutionize the norms of sexuality, gender and race. Like the trophies of these micro-political struggles, the dancers gathered for two weeks will go through the gestures of an aesthetic of resistance. On the stage, each dancer throws his or her subjectivity, his or her lost and found body when, amidst the shouts of encouragement, the recalcitrant movement triggers the catharsis.

Marcos is an Argentinean artist based between Paris and Brussels. He trained in contemporary dance at the National University of Arts of Buenos Aires, at the School of Physical Theater of Buenos Aires (ETBA), at the CND (National Center of Dance), at the University of Paris 8. Arriving in Brussels, he obtained the Certificate of Choreographic Practices of Charleroi-Danse. More recently, he participated in the project La Tempête by Boris Charmatz at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Direction : Marcos Arriola
Accompagnement artistique : Sabina Scarlat
Performeur.use.s: Paz Moreno, Brenda Boote Bidal, Hugo Chanel, Jhaya Caupenne, Antoine Coppi, Eli Mathieu Bustos, Juliette Mello, Liza Siche-Jouan, Juan Cruz Cizmar, Aline S. Zahui.
Arnaud Tsiakas
Jon Boy
Odran Guillemard
Robin Dehenain

Une collaboration du Garage29 et des Halles de Schaerbeek.
Photo © Delgerzaya Tuguldur