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Microdanses et Mutations urbaines



Zaterdag 21 mei 2022 14:00
Zaterdag 21 mei 2022 15:30
Zaterdag 21 mei 2022 17:00
Zondag 22 mei 2022 14:00
Zondag 22 mei 2022 15:30
Zondag 22 mei 2022 17:00
Tour & Taxis
Lieu: Park 28 et site de Tour & Taxis - Départ à l'entrée du parc au niveau de la station de métro Pannenhuis

Created in December at Les Halles by high-flying dancers from Aterballetto (National Foundation for Dance) and the Athens Opera, the micro-dances are now being passed on to semi-professional Brussels dancers. After ten days of workshops with the choreographers who were commissioned to create these works, they offer to rediscover them, transposed for the public space. From the Coulée verte to the Place de la Musique, we invite you, with the support of Creative Culture, to wander from dance to dance, to encounter art in complete freedom!

"In Brussels, Microdances are rooted in an urban landscape that beats at two different rhythms. 

Tachycardique in Tour & Taxis, a trade centre and a former industrial freight terminal located along the canal.

Biorythmique in the Coulée verte, a green trail grounded in the living beings and the knowledge buried beneath the metropolis.

For two decades, the land, which was abandoned at the end of the twentieth century, has been fuelling the imaginations of town planners, artists, architects, circus performers, promoters, gardeners, and developers.

A massive urban project will be completed in 2022. The land has the appearance of wrinkled skin. The soil is worn out. Neighbours, runners, children, cyclists, and pets and their owners are crossing public, semi-public, private, common, and liminal zones.

Who are we? A melting pot of Brussels citizens experimenting with body-landscape interactions. Among us, eight dancers were chosen by Les Halles for their multidisciplinary and outdoor skills. After participating in a European workshop, they will perform six micro-dances shaped by Italian and Greek choreographers during the Covid crisis.

Each microdance is a microworld, a dialogue with the open space. A sort of acupuncture in which each point calls for a shared story told by watchmen who weave connections between the spirits of the location, passers-by, and the present moment.

With their disquieting beauty, the microdances' journeys from the underground to the surface are an essential part of the vital art of healing our connections to places."

Pauline de La Boulaye, urban dramaturg & 8 dancers, 1 singer, 1 musician, 11 watchmen


A Eppur si muove

chorégraphe Francesca Lattuada

danseuses Carolina Morais Fonseca & Arti Servaes

musique Ludwig Van Beethoven (Symphony n. 7 - Second movement - Allegretto)

costume design Bruno Fatalot

veilleur Laszlo Jacquet


B Phantasmagoria

chorégraphe Markella Manoliadi

danseuse Sally Belmonte

musique Gabriel Fauré “Après un rêve”

veilleur Marco Ghillain Cruz


C Pensieri di Carta

chorégraphe Hélias Tur-Dorvault

danseuse Eliza Pais Sogos

musique Hélias Tur-Dorvault

veilleurs Mostafa Mesnaoui et communauté Parckfarm


D Forget me not

chorégraphe Konstantinos Rigos

danseuse Noémie Boes

saxophone Karen van Schaik

musique Giorgos Koumentakis

veilleuse Odile Zaït


E Active motivation

chorégraphe Elena Kekkou

danseuse Agathe Tarillon

musique Antonis Vlachos

veilleur Salomon Tyler


F Turn the Tide

chorégraphe Roberto Tedesco

danseuses Margaux Lissandre & Salima Brahimi

musique Bowland

veilleuses Laurie Kokoreff-Brütt & Margot Brochette


G Variation de Phantasmagoria

danseuse Sarah Cavenaile

chanteuse Katrishania Renata

chant Gabriel Fauré “Après un rêve”

veilleuse Juliette Besset


H Strôma

chorégraphe Giovanni Insaudo

danseurs Marek Brafa, Agnese Biavati



I Scalp de terrain - The land relic

veilleuse Lou Delamare


Veilleuses-guides Pauline LB & Claudia Nunes

Costumes réalisation Khadija Karam

Dramaturgie urbaine : Pauline de la Boulaye 

Co-produit: Fondazione Nationale della Danza/Aterballetto, Greek National Opera, Les Halles de Schaerbeek

Co-financé par le programme Créative Europe de l'union Européenne avec le soutien de la Cocof

Partenaires à Bruxelles: Bruxelles environnement, Molenbeek 1080, Tour & Taxis, Parckfarm